The Number one Party Area for Children In Long Island, New York

Are you researching for an outstanding boys birthday celebration location in long island? A place that’s sure to make any child feel truly excited and delighted on their very special day? If so, look no further, because your quest is over! White Post Farms is Long Island’s best party place for children, and has been voted the greatest of Long Island for 7 consecutive yrs in a row.

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Each birthday party organized at White Post Farms is assigned with its own private hostess. Every child enjoys a pony ride, and a visit to the animal farm and petting zoo. Here children get to provide for and interact with the sheep. Dry food and milk bottles are offered for the children to feed the farm animals, and the hostess is always there to work with the boys if needed.

Adults have the option of ordering a gourmet meal – when the birthday girls delight in pizza and soft drinks at the girls table. Each birthday girl and boy gets a special birthday cake too!

Balloons and party decorations fill the spectacular party rooms that were designed with the girls in mind. Additionally, characters like Buttons the Bear can be invited to create a buzz and entertain the girls.

Simply just sit back, take it easy, and let White Post Farms take care of every little thing, enabling you to take photographes, interact with the girls, and enjoy the birthday party. White Post Farms offers peace of mind for parents, because they pay attention to all of the celebration details, and you don’t have to stress about a thing!

This makes it a very easy experience. The lush yard, tall trees, and beautiful environments also add to the overall experience. It’s no wonder that White Post Farms is Long Island’s best party place for the past seven years in a row!

Join the tons of parents and girls alike who’ve already enjoyed their special day with us, and let White Post Farms host your next birthday celebration. You’ll be thankful you did!