Why You Need To Consider A U S Passport Card

Recently a man made headlines as he proclaimed the border patrol agents let him get through the Canadian/American border with just a scanned copy of his passport on his iPad. Although an interesting concept, it is not true. When presented with this information the agents specified that the man was let into the United States because he had other qualifying documentation. Due to recent stricter laws all those individuals wishing to cross into the US must have required travel documents; these documents constitute a passport replacement if their passport is lost or a passport card.

Passport Cards

Anyone who is interested in traveling overseas will have to show proof of a valid United States passport. However, if you are an individual who frequently travels to Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean, all you need to show customs officials is a passport card. Passport cards are fantastic because they allow United States citizens to visit countries that are very close to the United States. Also, they are much cheaper and easier to obtain than a regular passport.

Obtaining A Passport Card

Even if you have never had a valid United States passport before, or have never even applied for one, you are still eligible to obtain a passport card. If you do have a passport, you can still apply and receive a passport card, although it is unclear why you would need one. You are able to apply for passport cars directly online and can receive them in the mail in as little as a few days.


It is a relatively simple process, compared to getting a regular passport, to get a passport card. First, you will have to show authorities some proof of citizenship. There are numerous things you can shoe to prove this including birth certificates or social security cards. Also, you will be required to fill out a few application forms before you get your passport card. Once you have taken all of these steps and sent in your forms and proof of citizenship, you will receive you brand new passport card in the mail. It should only take a couple of days for the process to be completed.

Back To The Border

Passport cards are incredibly convenient and a great alternative for travelers who are only going to Mexico or Canada on a regular basis. Another great benefit of having a passport card is that they are much smaller and easier to carry than a regular passport. It is very important, no matter what kind of passport you have, that you keep It in a safe location whether you are at home or are traveling.

Because passports are highly coveted items, many people want to keep theirs in a safe or somewhere safe, and only use it for traveling purposes. So those that find themselves constantly driving through borders should consider a passport card. It is a simple, convenient, card that slides right into your wallet and is not as sensitive as a passport. So, for those individuals that travel frequently to Canada, Mexico, or the Bahamas, a passport card is clearly the best option. Keep your passport safe and don’t risk losing it or having to get a U.S. passport replacement. Only use your passport card when traveling to these destinations. You will be less stressed, and hopefully will never have to squeeze through the border with a virtual copy of your passport.

Johannesburg – The City Of Numerous Vibrant Facets

Johannesburg is the focal point of much of African culture and history, and it is not only the largest in South Africa, but also one of the most prosperous in all of South Africa. Because of this, it became a much-loved vacation spot. While it displays the appeal of other big city vacations, Johannesburg offers a little more, and if you are thinking of experiencing this city, you will need to get a passport first. If your passport is expired,an easy expedited passport renewal can be done online.

You Will Need A Passport To Get There

Passport renewals are not the only thing online passport services can handle. No matter what you need – passport replacements, passport renewals, passport pages, or even a passport name change (a service for those recently married or divorced or some other such reason), it can all be done online. The best part about online service is the ability to do it all right from your home computer and on your own time, making it the quick and convenient solution to any last minute passport issue.

The Apartheid Museum

So much of Africa’s history has been dominated by violence and oppression, cruelty and death. One way to experience this rough history is by visiting the famous Apartheid Museum. It’s powerful and sometimes shocking displays of information and photographs make it well-known in the area, and it’s definitely unlike any other museum around. If you are interested in art, visit the Johannesburg Art Gallery. It’s actually the largest gallery in Africa, but if contains artwork from all over the world. The South African Museum of Rock Art has an area called the Origins Centre that explores the origins of humans on Earth.

Lion Park

While in Johannesburg, do not make the mistake of missing out on Lion Park. It’s unlike a zoo in that the animals run wild in a natural habitat, but visitors are given the opportunity to get very close to them. This includes getting to pet lion cubs, feed huge giraffes, and take a tour (either guided or not) in a vehicle through the park, where you can get so close to the zebras, meerkats, and even full grown lions.


If you are looking to do a little shopping for authentic and hand-made souvenirs, head to Rosebank for the Sunday flea market. Located on the roof of a mall, it is a fun and different way to do a little shopping. It’s also a good opportunity to people-watch and see what every day life is like. If you can’t make it on Sundays, the mall underneath is open everyday of the week. Another fun place to shop is Oriental Plaza, which features more than 350 independently owned stores. The owners of these stores are eager to bargain prices, a practice that isn’t widely encountered in Johannesburg.


Another one of Johannesburg’s fun neighborhoods is Melville, an area particularly known for its artsy feel, eclectic stores, and cute restaurants. It’s a good place in which to spend a day exploring, eating good food,and taking in the sights.

As you can see, Johannesburg is a very culturally and historically rich place. If any travel plans are taking you to Johannesburg in the near future, remember to have your valid passport. Expedited US passport renewal is a great option for expired passports. If you were recently married or divorced, a American passport name change can be done online as well.

Destination Canada

Canada, our closest neighbor to the north, is full of fun possibilities for you and your family to experience. Everywhere you turn holds another discovery, whether it’s Canada’s long colorful history or a testament to their rich heritage. With the recently new creation of the passport card, families can access Canada’s treasure trove of fun family experiences without breaking the bank.

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